About our community child care centre in Minchinbury Early Milestones Long Daycare believes that every child is unique and will benefit most when a program is responsive to their needs, interests and abilities. Therefore, our child care centre in Minchinbury has both planned and unplanned experiences and interactions that occur throughout the day. Our staff are very positive with children; they are praised for their desirable behaviours, while undesirable behaviours are tactfully re-directed. Staff have been trained in providing care and management of children displaying behavioural difficulties. Early Milestones has an open door policy and encourages children's parents to contribute ideas and comments to further improve the quality of care for their children. It believes in the process of continuous improvement. Come and visit our child care centre in Minchinbury today!

'Munch and Move'
Early Milestones has subscribed over the last four years to the 'Munch and Move' program sponsored by the Western Sydney Area Health Service, which is geared to introduce healthy eating and drinking habits for children and to encourage them to have adequate exercise to counter the emerging trend of childhood obesity in Australia. All meals are provided to children which includes several hot meals within the week. Balanced and nutritional food is provided to children which meet the guidelines of Department of Education (DEC) for young children.

Indoor and outdoor fun
Our child care centre in Minchinbury encourages children to actively interact with their environment through taking part in activities such as planting, caring and monitoring growth of plants. A colourful cubby house and other outdoor play equipment in the playground area, brings excitement to the children and provides them with opportunity to role play the tasks performed by a family in a household in it. Our centre is a 'Sunsmart' centre with policies and practices to protect children and staff against sunburn when they play outdoors which can be injurious to their wellbeing.
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